Monuments Mantua

Monuments Mantua, ideas for visiting

Monuments Mantua, ideas for visiting

Monuments Mantua. A city of a glorious past, as shown by one of a kind attractions and monuments. Lombardy offers unforgettable opportunities to engage in cultural tourism. 

Mantua will astonish you with the suggestive Palazzo Te, commissioned by Federico II Gonzaga and frescoed in its interiors at the Love and Psyche Chamber or the Giants' Room.

Head to Piazza Sordello, the heart of ancient and modern Mantuan life. Here you have the opportunity of visiting monuments such as the Cathedral, the Ducal residence, the Domus Magna with its paintings and tapestries and Torre del Gabbia.

When it comes to religious monuments in Lombardy, remember the temple of San Lorenzo and the Church of San Sebastiano, designed by Leon Battista Alberti. Then there are the Houses of Mantegna and Rigoletto stand out along the Lodges of Giulio Romano, originally devised for fish trade.

Tourism in Mantua gives you the chance of seeing the Bibiena and Sociale theaters, or go discover the monuments in Mantua's surroundings like the Olympic Theater in Scamozzi, the Gallery of the Ancients and the Renaissance buildings of Sabbioneta.

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  • Piazza Sordello, formerly known as Piazza San Pietro, is dedicated to the poet and Lombard troubadour Sordello da Goito and occupies the site of the ancient city, in the heart of Mantua. Where once...
  • Palazzo Te in Mantua is a square building with a large internal courtyard, reminiscent of an antique rustic villa , with decorations inspired by antiquity. Even the atrium on the west side is...
  • The Palazzo Ducale of Mantua is one of the largest and most articulated Italian architectural complexes, which also hosts a state museum. Home to the Gonzaga family from 1328 to 1707, the palace...

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