Palazzo ducale of mantua

Palazzo Ducale of Mantua

Palazzo Ducale of Mantua Nadia

The Palazzo Ducale of Mantua is one of the largest and most articulated Italian architectural complexes, which also hosts a state museum. Home to the Gonzaga family from 1328 to 1707, the palace was built by incorporating a series of existing buildings into the courtyard. The famous painter Andrea Mantegna also contributed to the decoration of the building by painting the Camera degli Sposi, while later, in the area known as Corte Nuova, Isabella D'Este's son, Federico II, commissioned Giulio Romano to design and decorate the Apartment of Troy.

Therefore, big-name artists contributed to the decoration of this Mantua palace overlooking Piazza Sordelli, names including Antonio Pisano, also known as Pisanello, one of the greatest exponents of the late Gothic style, who painted what is now called the Sala del Pisanello.

Palazzo Ducale has a remarkable collection of Lombard art that spans the centuries and accompanies the history of the important Gonzaga family and those surrounding them. Today, the palace also hosts numerous events and temporary exhibits, in addition to being the seat of the state museum.

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