Museums Mantua

Museums Mantua, cultural hubs in Lombardy

Museums Mantua, cultural hubs in Lombardy

Museums Mantua. It is the ideal choice for art enthusiasts with some of the greatest exhibitions and museums in Lombardy, plus numerous events and performances. The Italian Culture Capital for 2016 will give you plenty of ideas for enjoying tourism.  

Mantua counts with the Ducal Residence, one of the most famous buildings in the city due to the Bridal Chamber and its frescoes by Andrea Mantegna. It can still be visited in via Acerbi.  

Other paintings by this notrious artist can be admired in the one of San Sebastiano, which is focused in narrating local history. The Diocesan showcases pieces of religious art near the Cathedral and the diocesi. 

The National Archaeology Museum guards important findings and ancient artifacts while Palazzo Te, designed by architect Giulio Romano, hosts several permanent galleries and temporary exhibits.  

You will find period furniture, pottery and books at the premises of the d'Arco Foundation. Visiting museums in Mantua takes you to the former church of Carmelino, dedicated to pilot Tazio Nuvolari, better known as the "Flying Mantuan". 

Engaging in tourism at Mantua's countryside gives you the opportunity of visiting the museums of Sabbioneta, with the mansions of Vespasian, the Gallery and the Olympic Theater

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