Theaters Mantua

Theaters Mantua, experiences in Lombardy

Theaters Mantua, experiences in Lombardy

Theaters Mantua. Attend the best shows displayed in local theaters. Lombardy offers classical stories, unforgettable characters and masterfully crafted sets, all in order to bring you the finest options in cultural tourism.

Mantua is the Italian Culture Capital for 2016. among its many attractions, it boasts one of the most fascinating theaters in Lombardy, the Bibiena. This rococo-style structure was devised to host dramas and experimental pieces. It was inaugurated with a performance by a 14 year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The facade was designed by Giuseppe Piermarini.

Memorable performances by comedians and prose thespians are a valid reason for visiting theaters in Mantua such as the Teatro Sociale, while the billboards of Teatreno are dedicated to young-oriented activities and music concerts. The courtyard theater in Palazzo d'Arco, keeps a more intimate atmosphere and is open between october and may. 

Follow our advice for visiting the Province and enjoy tourism in Mantua. Book a seat for your favorite show and watch the curtains rise.

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