Castles Milan

Castles Milan, discovering Lombardy

Castles Milan, discovering Lombardy

Castles Milan. Find out all sorts of inspiring manors and castles. Lombardy offers plenty of opportunities to venture into the places of embattled patrols and secret chambers.   

Tourism in Milan starts at the Sforza Castle, one of the city's landmarks and an essential stop when visiting castles in downtown Milan. Located at the heart of the regional capital near the Sempione Park, it will certainly astonish you.

This massive fortification is perfectly preserved, pass the drawbridge and enter the courtyard. you will see that one of the most suggestive castles in Lombardy is home to several museums and guards priceless works of art. Michelangelo's Pietà Rondanini, the Sala delle Asse decorated by Leonardo da Vinci and Andrea Mantegna's Madonna in Glory are but a few examples. 

If you are passionate about the castles of Milan and stories of chivalry, you should not miss its guided tours. One of these will take you to secluded passages like the Garland road, hidden walkways within its fortified walls. 

Enjoy tourism in the province of Milan by heading to the countryside and visiting the manor of Trezzo, with an impressive 42 meters tower and mysterious underground dungeons. 

Don't hesitate in taking a journey to the past in Lombardy. 

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