Visconti castle

Visconti castle

Visconti castle @Mario Donadoni

The Visconti Castle is one of the wonders of Trezzo sull'Adda and certainly the symbol of the city. It was built in 1300 at the behest of Bernabò Visconti, next to a fortress that, according to popular belief, was built by Queen Theodolinda. This fort has been witness to a tumultuous history of bloody battles and conquests, with protagonists such as Barbarossa and the Torriani and Visconti families. It is in this mysterious place that Bernabò died at the hands of his nephew Gian Galeazzo. The remains of the imposing castle that can still be seen today include the 42 metre-high square tower, the well built in 1400 by the lord Vercellino and evocative underground spaces. Of the ponte sull'Adda bridge (used for thirty years before being destroyed by Carmagnola in 1416) only the buttress and impost remain.

A visit to the Visconti Castle winds through the park, among the ruins of the castle, the most charming covered spaces and continues in the tower, offering views of the ancient village of Trezzo, the double bend of the river Adda, the Taccani hydroelectric power station and, on clear sunny days, the hills of Bergamo, a portion of the Milan area and more.

In the Longobard Museum you can admire images of the archaeological finds and artefacts from the Longobard period and the tomb referred to as the "giant": a faithful reconstruction of one of the most important archaeological discoveries made in Italy in the 20th century.

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