Church of San Maurizio

Church of San Maurizio

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The Church of San Maurizio, predominantly the work of Gian Giacomo Dolcebuono of Pavia, was subsequently completed by Solari. It was built in 1503 on the ruins of an ancient church annexed to the Monastery of the Benedictines, the majority of which was demolished in 1799.

The facade is clad in grey Ornavasso stone and contrasts with the rich interior gold decorations and frescoes.

The bipartite nave divides the spaces reserved for the functions of the cloistered nuns, the nuns' choir and the public's laymen's church. The choir can be accessed from Via Luini while the entrance to the church is located on Corso Magenta.

The Church of San Maurizio is rich in frescoes and one can only stand in awe at the sight of such artistic splendour: the church's pictorial decorations are the perfect match for its architecture .

Paintings by Bergognone and the earliest exponents of the 16th century can be found in the chancel, while the frescoes in the chapels are by Lomazzo, with paintings by Antonio Campi. In the third chapel you will find the famous painting by Bernardino Luini known as the Stories and Martyrdom of St. Catherine of Alexandria beheaded in Piazza Castello in 1526, who was falsely accused of adultery .

Upon Luini's death, the artist's sons Aurelio and Giovan Piero Luini, along with other artists such as Callisto Piazza , Ottavio Semino and Simone Peterzano, completed the decoration of the other chapels.

Be sure to look out for the roundels in the arcade with the figures of saints and martyrs attributed to Giovanni Boltraffio.

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