Duomo of Milan

Duomo of Milan, monumental churches

Duomo of Milan, monumental churches

The Cathedral or Duomo Milan is the symbol of the regional capital and one of the best known architectural structures in Italy. Its decorated facade and spiers make it stand out above the remaining churches in Milan.

It is the third largest one in the world after the Duomo of Rome and the one in Seville, making it the pride and joy of locals. Artistic and religious tourism in Milan blend in a single destination for whoever comes visiting.

Numerous vicissitudes happened during the Duomo's construction. It owes its fame to artists and sculptors who contributed to the decorations and statues that deck its walls. 

The Duomo was built with white marble from Candoglia, plus it counts with unique glass windows and arcades standing upon the square in their full splendor. The inside of the Duomo displays solemn aisles and pillars of the Lombard Gothic period and guards the crypt of San Carlo.

Do not miss the chance of visiting the Duomo of Milan, a prestigious landmark that draws tourism all year long. Go to its terraces using the elevator and enjoy the inspiring skyline along the Madoninna, a statue of the Virgin Mary that crowns the Duomo.   

Besides these churches in Milan, admire its surrounding buildings: the Loggia dei Mercanti, the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery and more. 

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