Santa Maria delle Grazie

Santa Maria delle Grazie, inspiring churches in Lombardy

Santa Maria delle Grazie, inspiring churches in Lombardy

The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie is a Reinassance marvel and one of the most popular churches in Milan. 

It was erected between 1453 and 1497 on top of the ashes of an ancient chapel to serve as a masoleum destinated to Duke Galeazzo Sforza's family. Artistic and religious tourism in Milan come together in one of Unesco Heritage Sites, displaying The Last Supper at the refrectory of the convent. 

Construction work was led by Giuniforte Solari, then completed by Bramante in 1490, who lit its aisles up by building a monumental grandstand covered by a dome.

From 1553 to 1778 this monastery became a tribunal for the Inquisition and served as barracks after the period of Napoleonic destruction. The compound was damaged in 1943 during the Allied bombings, destroying its cloister yet keeping intact its precious artwork by Leonardo da Vinci.

This famous painting under went a 20 years-long restoration effort in order to bring back its old colors, which faded due to the passage of time, smog and dust. Nowadays it is an attractive destination for domestic and international tourism.

Do not miss the chance of visiting the city. Its landmarks and places of worship will certainly enhance your stay.

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