Brera Botanical Gardens

Brera Botanical Gardens

Brera Botanical Gardens Nadia

The Botanical Gardens, located in the centre of Milan inside the famous palazzo di Brera which houses the Art Gallery, the Braidense Library, the Academy and the Astronomical Observatory, occupies an area of about 5000 square metres.

The garden, also known as the Hortus Botanicus Braidensi, was founded in 1774 during the rule of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, together with the astronomical observatory. Given the garden's limited size and considerable shade offered by its many trees, it is considered an historic garden rather than a botanical garden. It is a peaceful oasis of great beauty - a real surprise in the centre of Milan.

The gardens host some extremely large trees, including two monumental specimens, the oldest in Europe, of Ginkgo biloba, dating back to the time Europe was founded. After a long period of neglect and decay, the Gardens are in the process of being restored. This conservative restoration aims to follow the original plan and the "layers" of later periods. The Garden has been open to the public since the spring of 1998. In addition to the botanical species, visitors can admire architectural structures of the past, like the greenhouse designed by Giuseppe Piermarini and the 18th century pool where irises and water lilies grow.

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