Arco della Pace

Arco della Pace, the Arch of Peace

Arco della Pace, the Arch of Peace

The Arco della Pace, stands at the centre of Piazza Sempione, marking the boundaries of the northwest slope with this park behind the Sforza Castle. 

It is a mandatory stop when sightseeing for monuments in Milan, plus it is a renowned rendezvous point for local nightlife, sunday picnics and tourism in Milan. 

Whether you are on vacation or just want to take a break from work, we are certain that you will appreciate this walking area that allows you to gaze upon luxurious buildings on one side and the soothing vegetation on the other. 

It was first built in 1807 based on designs by Luigi Cagnola to celebrate the entry of the French into the Regional Capital, but it was interrupted after the defeat of Napoleon in Waterloo. Construction was concluded by orders of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II as a symbol of non-hostility amongst European nations, signed with the Congress of Vienna in 1815. 

It is one of the best known monuments by locals since it is so accessible. You can admire it in the distance while taking a walk among its trees or get close to have a clear look of its details.

Be it that you dedicate your sojourn to tourism or business, if you go out for the evening you may find fashionable restaurants to enjoy dinner or bars for visiting.

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