Cassinetta di Lugagnano Noble Mansions

Cassinetta di Lugagnano noble mansions

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Cassinetta di Lugagnano lies along the Naviglio Grande, 25 km from Milan. Immersed in the Ticino Park, it's like taking a journey back in time. This was a popular recreation spot for Milan's elite families, attracted by the village's peaceful atmosphere and unique beauty. Trivulzio, Visconti, Mantegazza, Castiglioni: these are just a few of the famous names who came here regularly, also to watch over their land properties. These important families would go on to create what constitutes the true heritage of Cassinetta di Lugagnano today - the noble villas or ville di delizia (villas of delight).

Today, these beautiful holiday villas are Cassinetta's main attraction, a small oasis of tranquillity away from the city, as they were for their original owners. Along the Naviglio canal you will encounter Villa Beolco-Negri (the modern day Town Hall), Villa Negri, Villa Visconti Castiglione Maineri, Villa Cattaneo-Krentzlin, Casa Spirito and Villa Castiglioni Nai-Bossi with the oratory of San Giuseppe. Not far from the Naviglio, in the Lugagnano area, more mansions can be admired, including Villa Mörlin-Visconti (today Grosso-Pambieri), Villa Frotta Eusebio, Villa Mantegazza Macinaghi, Villa Birago Clari Monzini and the neoclassic Villa Trivulzio. Along the way to Corbetta, in the Bardena area, is another residence known by the name Villa Bodio Parravicini Bottiglia.

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