Columns of San Lorenzo

Colums of San Lorenzo

Colums of San Lorenzo

In the Porta Ticinese district there is a little bit of ancient Rome: the Columns of San Lorenzo. Corinthian in style, they surround the churchyard of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, opposite the medieval Porta Ticinese.

The Columns of San Lorenzo are not only an important Milanese monument, they are also a famous meeting place for students and young people in Milan, especially in the summertime and one of the best-loved crossroads in Milanese nightlife.

Around the columns flourish lots of pubs and clubs, the most on-trend haunts, trendy restaurants, pubs and bars that host DJ sets in the evenings, attracting all kinds of clientele. The Columns of San Lorenzo are one of the most popular go-to places for aperitifs, here found in various solutions, suitable for all budgets and with the ever abundant buffets, as per Milanese tradition.

Lots of people choose to spend their evenings here, sipping long drinks in the streets, in the open air, going in and out of different venues. The real centre of attraction is the piazza and its open spaces, perfect for meeting up, get to know people, friendship and more. This is where it's all happening.

Especially in the summer, there are also lots of events and entertainment, making this lovely corner of Milan even livelier, with shows, music, readings and dancing.

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