Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte

Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte, Milan's Royal Mansion

Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte, Milan's Royal Mansion Friedrichstrasse

Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte, also known as Villa Reale, nowadays belongs to the Milan Municipality.

It was built between 1790 and 1976 by Italian architect Leopoldo Pollack.

Inside this splendid villa await the halls of the Milan Modern Art Gallery (GAM).

This massive building displays a neoclassical façade that overlooks the garden, with a rustic ashlar base with large arches that are accompanied by a gigantic ensemble of majestic Ionian columns.

At its top there are numerous statues that rise upon its pseudo-balcony. The back of the structure faces via Palestro, at the central zone of Porta Venezia.

The villa can be found in the middle of the eighteen century Indro Montanelli Gardens, currently open to the public.

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