Vittorio Emanuele Gallery

Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, inspiring monuments

Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, inspiring monuments

The Vittorio Emanuele Gallery is a mandatory destination for anyone that wishes to see the monuments of Milan. 

This monumental arcade is one of the city's most important landmarks alongside the Duomo, both draw a great deal of cultural tourism in Milan besides being a major shopping hub.

Architect Giuseppe Mengoni starded building it in 1867 and it was completed in 1878. It connects Corso Vittorio Emanuele with the square of Piazza della Scala.

Its glass and iron skylight covers its marble floorings and Venetian mosaics, The vault frames 4 painted lunettes representing four continents: Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

The central octagon hosts the coat of arms of the Savoy family: a white cross on a red background with the figure of a bull. It is said that those who wish to return to the regional capital must turn over their heels on the animal's testicles. There is always a queue of tourists waiting to do it. Do not be surprised to find a hole where you are supposed to step on.

The Vittorio Emanuele gallery is often nicknamed downtown's living room. Cherished by locals and a relevant tourism venue, it is filled with famous cafes, historical libraries, and the entrance of the Ricordi Feltrinelli megastore.

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