Alfa Romeo Museum

Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, Museums Milan

Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, Museums Milan

A journey through the legend is what offers "La macchina del tempo- Museo Storico Alfa Romeo", reopened before a major restoration project affecting the entire complex. The museum is home to the most significant pieces in Alfa Romeo's historic collection and it is the heart of a genuine "brand centre", with a bookshop, café, Documentation Centre, test drive track, events venues and a show-room with a customer delivery area: it is the perfect bond between past, present and future.

The display exhibits 69 models which most marked not just the development of the brand, but the very history of the automobile itself. From the very first A.L.F.A. car, the 24 HP (1910) to the legendary Mille Miglia winners such as the 6C 1750 Gran Sport driven by Tazio Nuvolari, the 8C coachbuilt by Touring and the Gran Premio 159 "Alfetta 159" world Formula 1 winner driven by Juan Manuel Fangio; from Giulietta to the Championship 33 TT 12.

The very essence of the brand has been condensed into three principles: Timeline, which represents industrial continuity; Bellezza (beauty), which teams style with design; Velocità (speed), summing up technology and light weight. To each principle is devoted a floor of the Museum.

The journey through the legend ends with a playful and spectacular finale: some "emotional bubbles" dedicated to the experience of the Alfa Romeo world, with 360° virtual reality film footage, and a full-immersion room where visitors sit in interactive armchairs and watch 4D films dedicated to the legendary successes.

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