Casa Manzoni

Casa Manzoni, museum in Milan

Casa Manzoni, museum in Milan @mylifeasdinu

Casa Manzoni on Via Morone, where the author lived with his family from 1814 to 1873, was one of the city's most coveted literary salons. This is also where the author met intellectuals like Tommaso Grossi, Antonio Rosmini, Luigi Rossari, Giovanni Berchet and Ermes Visconti.

This historic residence is now a museum. A visit to the Manzoni Museum or the Manzoni House will teach you about the daily life of the writer. The apartment, restored to its original plan, is like taking a step back in time, with traces and evidence of its famous owner.

Within the walls of the Manzoni House everything seems to be frozen in time. There is an evocative atmosphere inside the rooms where the author wrote some of the most influential works in Italian literature. You can still see the author's desk in the very room where Manzoni met Garibaldi in 1862 and Verdi in 1868. In the Manzoni House you can also admire portraits, prints and memorabilia, preserved and donated by collectors and historians such as Pietro Brambilla.

The Museum is located on the ground floor, in two rooms overlooking the garden, and in six rooms on the first floor. The fully-intact original furnishings continue to appear alongside books and pieces from the study and bedroom. On the notice boards and on the walls you can admire numerous portraits of Manzoni, his family and his friends along with autographs and documents, the first and rarest editions of his works, paintings, prints and etchings related to character, landscapes and episodes from his work The Betrothed.

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