Duomo Museum

Duomo Museum, outstanding museums

Duomo Museum, outstanding museums

The Duomo Museum is located inside the Royal Palace in Piazza del Duomo. The symbol of the regional capital is pictured with a narration about its construction through a unique collection amid the city museums.

Milan's history is connected with the phases of its building process. The need to create museums dedicated to it was born in the XIXth century display all the unexhibited artworks and relics of the Duomo.

Religious and cultural tourism in Milan meet 2000 square meters premises divided in 26 different halls that are certainly worth visiting.

The Duomo Museum of Milan was inaugurated in 1953, then it was expanded and restored in 2013.

Thie museum guarded originally around two hundred items such as tapestries, paintings, statues and documents from the historic musical archives, accessible only to scholars. 

Nowadays it is possible to visit the museum following a chronological order, starting at its foundation until modern times. 

Do not miss the Treasure Room at the start of the itinerary, plus the one with the glass windows. It gives the church much of its charm.

This assortment allows for a flow of international tourism who comes to discover the secrets of Milanese museums and the story of this landmark. After visiting it, we are sure you will see it differently.

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