La Scala Theatre Museum

La Scala Theatre Museum

La Scala Theatre Museum

The history of the La Scala Theatre Museum began in 1911, when the most prominent citizens of Milan of the time, almost all members of the rich and noble society, decided to buy the theatre collection belonging to the antique dealer Giulio Sambon, which was put up for auction in Paris.

This marked the beginning of an extensive theatre collection, founded through the contribution of Milan's intellectual world linked to La Scala Theatre.

La Scala Theatre Museum was officially inaugurated on 8 March 1913 in the former Ricordi Casino connected to the theatre. Over the years numerous donations and purchases were added to the collection, which today constitutes one of the richest and most envied collections in the world..

La Scala Theatre Museum is one of the most prestigious theatre museums in Europe. It houses vast collections of paintings, miniatures, autographs, sets and posters documenting the history of entertainment.

The history of the theatre is also told through precious jewellery, musical instruments, objects and costumes related to great singers and actresses such as Eleonora Duse, Maria Callas and many more.

If no rehearsals or performances are underway you can see, from the stage , the splendid hall of the theatre, considered one of the most famous in the world.

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