Leonardo Adda Ecomuseum

Adda Leonardo Ecomuseum

Adda Leonardo Ecomuseum

The Adda di Leonardo Ecomuseum owes its genesis to the successful intuition of Mario Roveda and the Rotarian Committee, who proposed that the locks of the Paderno canal be restored, along with the Adda Nord Park.

The Adda di Leonardo Ecomuseum, with its precious mosaic of aquatic landscapes and incredibly original sites, considered to be authentic Lombard treasures, represents and promotes the local culture. The Ecomuseum, which includes the Adda Nord Park, promotes an area located in the provinces of Lecco, Milan and Bergamo. Its most distinctive characteristic is the presence of water. Its territory, with charming views, winds along the river Adda and is home to the canals of Paderno and Martesana.

What makes this place so original are the signs left behind by Leonardo da Vinci, who lived in the area from 1507 to 1513, where he made major cultural, theoretical and practical contributions.

The historical traces include Celtic, Roman and Lombard vestiges, the hydraulic reclamation efforts made by the Benedictines in the Early Middle Ages, the Renaissance and medieval castles, churches, shrines, hydroelectric power plants, factories and cotton-spinning mills from the turn of the century and the Workers' Village of Crespi (a UNESCO world heritage site) .

As they travel along the river, visitors will hear the harmonious sound of the water, the strong scents of nature and most importantly, understand the identity, the hard work and the passion of the communities that have inhabited and continue to inhabit these places.

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