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Natural History Museum, tourism in Milan

Natural History Museum, tourism in Milan @lover40andmore

The Natural History Museum of Milan is the largest natural history museum in Italy and can be considered among the most important in Europe. Ever since 1838, the year it was founded, the Museum of Natural History has continued to renew its collection, acquiring new materials and developing educational courses of considerable scientific value. The exhibits attract a wide array of museum-goers, including students, history enthusiasts, professionals and children.

The displays of the Natural History Museum, which span over approximately 5,500 square metres, focus on mineralogy, palaeontology, zoology and natural human history.

There is a wide range of specimens of plants and animals, minerals and fossils, selected from over 2,500,000 pieces preserved in the museum's rich collections, which illustrate the incredible shapes of nature, of life and of the natural history of man, the relationship between the organisms and their environment.

The Natural History Museum of Milan is the only one in Italy where, with almost 100 dioramas of outstanding natural beauty and accuracy, you can admire the amazing biodiversity of our planet. Accurate are the numerous reconstructions of natural environments, from rainforests to deserts.

The museum has a rich, specialised library that is open to the public and houses many works related to all fields of the natural sciences, from geology to astronomy, from botany to zoology, palaeontology and anthropology . With more than 120,000 volumes and minor publications and approximately 4,000 magazines, this is certainly one of Italy's most important natural science libraries.

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