PAC – Pavillion of Contemporary Art

PAC – Pavillion of Contemporary Art Comune di Milano

The PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art is one of the first examples in Italy of an exhibition space designed for contemporary art. Founded in 1979, the museum has attempted to focus on and draw attention to contemporary art by directing its gaze towards the future.

In Milan, the latest trends and artistic experimentation have always been welcome at PAC. This 1,200 square metre space has been used to stage over 200 exhibitions of Italian and international artists, who have presented their creativity, put their work to the test in the exhibition space and experimented with new styles of speech and language.

Photography exhibits, installations and video projections: from the Italian video artist Grazia Toderi to shots of the American Andres Serrano, from Vanessa Beecroft's performances to the Italian writers who interpret Hip Hop and Hyper –Pop cultures. PAC also hosts a series of educational activities, concerts, lectures and screenings.

This pavilion, designed by the architect Ignazio Gardella, is one of the most significant works of 1950s Italian architecture. It is a flexible space that, despite its unusual trapezoidal plan, is capable of providing an optimum solution to the exhibition requirements. Its interior is lit by large side windows, which overlook the beautiful gardens of Villa Reale where the Seven Sages (a reproduction of the sculptures by Fausto Melotti) are found.

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