Planetarium, discover the cosmos

Planetarium, discover the cosmos

If you are at the Indro Montanelli Gardens, consider visiting the Planetarium of Milan. This astonishing venue will delight both adults and children. Tourism in Milan acquires a whole new dimension by going to the Planetarium and gaze upon the stars.

The largest planetarium in the country, it was inaugurated in 1930 and named after Ulrico Hoepli, renowned publisher who commissioned and then donated to the city.

This Planetarium is an octagonal-shaped Liberty style structure resembling the classic, almost austere outher look of museums while guarding the real magic that lies inside. All known asters and their movements are projected in a wide dome which displays at its base a portrayal of the regional capital.

Visiting the Planetarium in Milan is an intense experience for youngsters or those who are young at heart. It plays an important educational role by proposing astronomy and science related activities. It also counts with a dedicated library at the nearby Natural History Museum.

Furthermore, the Planetarium offers a varied program of initiatives and events taking place in its premises, making it an enjoyable alternative to traditional museums in Milan. Paying a visit to the Planetarium is a different way of engaging in cultural tourism in the Region. 

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