Triennale, unique museums in Milan

Triennale, unique museums in Milan

The Triennale is amongst the most relevant museums in Milan. It is located at the premises of Palazzo dell'Arte, inside the renowned Sempione Park, one of the city's green areas.

It is possible to admire both historical and modern architecture at the Triennale, which is constantly at the forefront of Italian art.

The Triennale is an essential destination when enjoying cultural tourism in Milan, with innovative exhibitions that will enhace your stay.

Amid the available museums in the regional capital, visiting the Triennale of Milan is a must if you wish to know further about the connection between applied arts, business and manufacturing. 

Unlike other museums, it is offering new installations on a regular basis. Its exhibits not only involve artists and architects but also inventors of new technologies that seek to improve daily life from a practical and aesthetic standpoint. 

Consider visiting the Triennale Design Museum. The first of its kind in Italy among the museums scene, every year reinventing itself in order to provide itineraries that are engaging and technically rigorous.

The theater in the basement hosts experimental performances, screenings and conferences.

TDMKids serves as a tourism option for children to approach museums under a critical point of view.

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