Vigna di Leonardo

Vigna di Leonardo, museums in Milan

Vigna di Leonardo, museums in Milan

The Vigna di Leonardo site used to be one of Milan's best kept secrets. It was hidden under the facade of an elegant building at the city center, just a few steps from the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church. Few knew of its existence. 

That is until an extensive restoration effort in Casa degli Antellani had it open its gates to the public in occasion of Expo 2015, much to its success.

Such secret was finally unveiled and nowadays it delights everybody, since it is one of the most fascinating venues in Milan.

Besides the Vigna, donated to Leonardo da Vinci by Ludovico Sforza during the time he was working on the Last Supper, the House of the Antellani enthralls visitors with its decorated interiors that link the suggestive influence of Luini and the restoration done by Piero Portaluppi, who built Villa Necchi.

Walk along the indoor courtyard, pass by the Zodiac and Scalone Chamber,s and reach the Studio of Ettore Conti, finally surround yourselves in the delightful garden until getting to the Vigna. Here you will find yourselves in an oasis of peace and refinement.

It is recommended to make reservations to enter due to the high traffic of visitors.

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