Arcimboldi Theater

Arcimboldi Theater

Arcimboldi Theater Provincia Milano

The Arcimboldi Theater, located in the heart of the Bicocca district, is a building that contrasts with its regular urban surroundings. Today, this complex structure is the second -largest in Europe theater and the largest in Italy.

The theater is home to many different facilities under one roof, including offices, dressing rooms, a double rehearsal room for the orchestra and dancers, as well as dining halls. The ticket office is located on the north side of the square, in the low building with a portico, which also houses a restaurant.

The Arcimboldi Theater is an ultramodern space where building, acoustic and visual elements come together. This was the first venue in Italy to be equipped with an individual, multi-display booklet system that displays the original language of the work along with translations in Italian, English and French.

The Arcimboldi Theater consists of a foyer with a large glass ceiling and balconies that overlook it; the hall, with its fan-shaped conformation, consists of two parterres and two galleries; the technologically-advanced 40-metre-high stage tower ensures the maximum functionality of the stage spaces and fly tower.

The structure of the concert hall and layout of the side spaces are characterised by a linear system and a composition made of simple geometric elements, outlining an essential yet compact design.

The Arcimboldi Theater was inaugurated in 2002, and hosted the performances of La Scala for three years, at the time it was closed for restoration work.

Today, the theater hosts concerts of international calibre – with performances from artists such as Van Morrison, BB King, Sting, Tom Waits, Liza Minnelli and Jethro Tull – along with shows, ballets and musicals.

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