Churches Monza

Churches Monza, exploring Lombardy

Churches Monza, exploring Lombardy

Churches Monza. This province boasts some of the most inspiring churches in Lombardy. Centuries of art and architecture will unravel before your eyes. 

Cultural tourism in Monza should start with the Cathedral, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. It is an elegant monumental structure originally commissioned by Queen Theodolinde, whose mortal remains rest in its premises. Next to the Basilica, the Museum displays precious relics like the Iron Crown. which allegedly contains one of the nails used during the Crucifixion.

Visiting churches in the Monza downtown area is easier when you walk through its streets. This way you can stumble upon relevant churches for Lombardy's heritage: the one of Santa Maria in Strada, with its brick facade, the Convent of Carrobiolo and the Dominican Church of San Pietro Martire, guarding the body of St Prospero.

Inside the Piermarini Royal Villa you can admire the Atoning Chapel, constructed by Vittorio Emanuele III as a memorial for his father Umberto I, assassinated on June 29th 1900. 

Tourism in Monza may take you to the countryside to discover the treasures of the Brianza. Don't hesitate in visiting the XIth century Roman parish of Agliate.

This corner of Northern Italy will astonish you.

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  • The Duomo di Monza was originally built as a chapel at the end of the 6th century by Queen Theodelinda, the wife of King of the Lombards Authari and later of Agilulf. It was situated near to the...
  • The Chapel of Queen Theodolinda, found in the northern arm of the transept of the Monza Cathedral, was built at the turn of the 14 th and 15 th century during the reconstruction of the basilica....

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