Gardens Monza

Gardens Monza, outdoor tourism locations

Gardens Monza, outdoor tourism locations

Gardens Monza. The current page will provide will all the necessary information for visiting some of the most impressive gardens in Lombardy. Live a regal experience at the Royal Village, designed by architect Giuseppe Piemarini. 

It is a particularly popular destination for tourism in Monza, commissioned by Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and surrounded by splendid English-style lawns that spread for up to 40 acres. The lush vegetation it features encircles a small classic temple facing a pond.

Considered as the largest green area of the Brianza, it harbors monumental plants that are usually absent from other gardens in Lombardy: Sequoias, weeping beeches or Lebanon Cedars. Its fascinating rose garden boasts more than 4000 different varieties created by specialists all over the world. It hosts the International Roses Festival, which has had the support of exceptional figures like Grace of Monaco.

While visiting gardens in the Province, you will get the chance to see its numerous parks.Tourism in Monza takes you to the one in Lambro Valley, it reaches Erba by following the course of the river. Environmental education courses take place at Molgora Park and in that of the Groane you can ride at its many bike lanes.

Treat yourselves to a day in the gardens of Monza.

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