Monuments Monza

Monuments in Monza, culture in Lombardy

Monuments in Monza, culture in Lombardy

Monuments Monza. The following guide to several monuments in Lombardy will assist you in finding the finest cultural attractions. 

Take our advice when enjoying tourism in Monza. The heart of the Brianza offers numerous landmarks that are worth visiting. Monuments like the neoclassical Royal Villa, designed by Giuseppe Piermarini and recently restored, host important tourism events as a branch of the Triennale that will surprise visitors.

The Monza Park stretches outside its premises, guarding some of the most famous modern monuments in Lombardy: the Autodrome where the Formula 1 Gran Prix takes place, plus the legendary elevated track that is no longer in use. There are old mills and aristocratic mansions for you to see as well.

Visiting monuments in the city center is always the right choice. For instance, the statue of Vittorio Emanuele II, usually labelled as the Stone King by locals, was erected in 1878 in occasion of his demise. Then there is the Arengario, hailing from the age of the Communes.

Other monuments in Monza that certainly deserve to be visited are: the Cathedral and its Museum, showcasing precious relics such as the Iron Crown, the Monument to the Fallen in Piazza Trento e Trieste and the Lions Bridge, flanked by an older structure of Roman origin.

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  • It is hard not to stumble upon Monza's magnificent Arengario during your visit. This building in the heart of the city is a known landmark. It was built in the late XIIIth Century during Monza's...
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  • The Palace of Monza was built by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria in 1777 as a summer residence for her son Ferdinand of Austria-Este, the Governor of Lombardy. The architect entrusted with the...

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