From the pulpit: Monza’s Arengario

Arengario, Monuments in Monza

Arengario, Monuments in Monza @elisasalvati

It is hard not to stumble upon Monza's magnificent Arengario during your visit. This building in the heart of the city is a known landmark.

It was built in the late XIIIth Century during Monza's communal period. Due to its position beside the Cathedral, it represents the contrast between religious and political power.

The old City Hall, with its arcades that used to harbor an indoors market, is considered as the heart of the city by the locals.

Legend says that a few years after its construction, the building caught fire.

This shocked the locals so much that some of them took their own lives, yet their strong civic spirit compelled them to start rebuilding right away.

You can enjoy its charm and get into its medieval atmosphere by walking around the city.

We would like to recommend to take part of the events, exhibitions and performances that this structure hosts all year long.

In any case, don't forget to take a look at the small balcony in the southern side of the building, called Parléra in local dialect, where each communal decree used to be read to the people.

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