Design in a Royal Palace

Design Museum, Museums Monza

Design Museum, Museums Monza Triennale Design Museum

A singular voyage inside the modern drive to innovate awaits at the halls of Monza's Royal Villa, which have exhibits dedicated to the Design Museum.

A celebration of Italian, but mostly Lombard, affinity for furniture design that is constantly reinventing itself.

Unique items that took the design world by storm were made by the hands of artisans from Monza based on the drawings of prodigious designers.

Walking among these "findings" will be a stimulating journey where imagination takes you to worlds were daring to innovate is not the exception but the standard.

It can also be an interactive visite if you use your smartphone: it is possible to know further and get on social networks during your tour.

Find out that even in a country that boasta centuries-old art works and monuments, there is still people who astonishes the world with ambitious and visionary projects.


Credits: Fluidtravel

centomiglia sul garda con il vento in poppa

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