MUST in Vimercate

MUST, Vimercate Territory Museum

MUST, Vimercate Territory Museum

The MUST Vimercate Territory Museum is the first structure of its kind dedicated to the eastern Brianza area, which is located between the rivers Lambro and Adda. It was awarded the ICOM 2012 prize as the best new Italian museum.

It stands at the XVIIIth century building of Villa Sottocasa, in the historic district of downtown Vimercate, its exhibition grounds are divided in 14 chambers that narrate over 2000 years of local history with archaeological findings, works of art and vintage movies, made accessible with the use of modern techonology.

The chambers at the ground floor follow a chronological order, showcasing ancient Roman findings, models of medieval buildings and aristocratic villas, XIVth century stautes, paintings and interactive installations.

At the first floor you can find the rooms dedicated to recent history, from industrial manufacturing to the social and urbanistic transformations of the XXth century. Then there is the Identity and Memory section with old movies and working tools. Visitors can interact within this exhibition course with the showcased pieces thanks to educational content created with the latest multimedia technology using animation, video and touchscreen interfaces.

The MUST is managed by the Municipality of Vimercate and has been acknowledged by the Lombardy Region as one of the best civi museums.

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