Montu beccaria

Montù Beccaria

Montù Beccaria @simone.bianchi6

Montù Beccaria, in the Oltrepò Paveseregion,is located to the right of the Versatorrent on a hill, at analtitude of about 300 metres.

Worthy of note is the parish church dedicated to St. Michael built in 1303,wheretwo paintings attributed to Gaudenzio Ferrari are displayed over the baroque altar.

Known in ancient times as Monteacuto (meaning pointed hill), the Beccari family of Paviabuilt a fort on the top of its peak.

The landscape of Montù Beccaria is characterised by the unwavering presence of rows of vines and a castle, dating back to the 12th century, which remains the town's main artistic and historical landmark.

The complex that can still be seen on the hill is known as "Castellazzo". Few traces of the fortifications of this rather large structure remainvisible today. In fact, the majority of the structures belong to the college that was built on this spot by the Barnabites in the 17th century.

Viticulture is the main occupation of Montù residents, where they produce prestigious D.O.C. wines, such as: Bonarda-Croatina, Barbera, Riesling, Pinot and Moscato. As you make your way along thewindy roads that pass through the sinuous curves of the hills, you will encounter farmers busily cleaning the vineyards, while they bind the branches that, in the months that follow, will be filled withthe finest-quality grapes.

The historic cellars of the village of Montù Beccaria are open to the public for guided tours that offer a glimpse of ancient traditions. As they wander through the old cellars, visitors will learn how wine was made in the past, amidst large wooden barrels that tidily decorate the spaces, and a glass of mellow wine is sure to make their visit an enjoyable and tasty experience.


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