Village of fortunago

Village of Fortunago

Village of Fortunago Flickr_Roberta Tavernati

Thanks to the renovation and maintenance efforts throughout the years, the historic district of this tiny village in Oltrepò Pavese, the area south of the River Po, remains impressively intact. The houses in Fortunago are perched on the steep slope of a hill, dominated by the church and town hall. The streets are those typically found in medieval villages, wedged between the stone walls. The stone houses decorated with balconies, windowsills and verandas contribute to the village's peaceful atmosphere, taking visitors back in time. The upper part of the town, in addition to its well-manicured landscape, offers breathtaking views of the hills. The only remains of the ancient fortress that are still visible are the tower and a section of the walls, while the 17th century oratory and the 16th century parish church continue to stand today. The extreme care that this town has devoted to the symbols and traces of the past strikes a perfect balance between modernity and tradition.


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