Village of voghera

Village of Voghera

Village of Voghera Provincia di Pavia

Voghera is an important industrial and wine-making town situated in Oltrepò Pavese. Its old town is characterised by historic buildings, such as churches and palaces, which testify to the village's rich artistic and cultural past.

The most important and significant church in Voghera is the Cathedral, dedicated to St. Lorenzo. The cathedral was built in 1605 over the ruins of an older church and hosts a collection known as the Treasures of the Cathedral: gold brocades, precious furniture and miniatures. Numerous sculptures and paintings of considerable value can be admired inside.

Next to the cathedral, Palazzo Gounela displays a neoclassical facade with a triangular pediment supported by four columns. In the same square is Casa Nava, an historic building with an arcade that was rebuilt to maintain the typical characteristics of the ancient arcades of Voghera.

Other cultural attractions in the old town include the Visconteo Castle, dating back to 1372, the Baroque church of San Giuseppe, the Voghera History Museum and the Museum of Natural Sciences.

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