Village of zavattarello

Village of Zavattarello

Village of Zavattarello Provincia di Pavia

The name Zavattarello originates from the vulgar Latin word savattarellum, meaning "place where slippers are assembled", since this was the ancient village's main activity. Zavattarello, in Val Tidone, is one of the most charming villages in the Oltrepò Pavese area, located in a valley that will take you back in time with its ancient parish churches, abbeys and castles.

The original urban structure of the village's medieval town centre stands virtually intact. Stone buildings surround the square that is also overlooked by the 14th-century oratory of San Rocco, which houses a beautiful wooden altar from the 15th century. The village is still partly surrounded by walls, originally built for defensive purposes, and is dominated by the Fortress, an architectural complex made entirely in stone where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding area. On the opposite side of the town is the parish church of San Paolo, a Romanesque structure with a façade that is actually Baroque. Behind the church you can catch a glimpse of the Cimitero Ottagonale: the cemetery built by Charles Albert of Savoy, striking for its harmonious proportions.


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