Castles Pavia

Castles Pavia, landmarks in Lombardy

Castles Pavia, landmarks in Lombardy

Castles Pavia. This site will provide with all the useful information you might need to admire the charming castles Lombardy harbors within its borders. Where should you go? Which fortifications are worth visiting? We will give you some interesting options to enjoy a vacation focusing in sightseeing tourism.

Pavia boasts a rich history and numerous structures scattered all over its territory. One of the most famous castles in Lombardy is undoubtedly the Visconti Castle. It was built by the Duke of Milan Gian Galeazzo II with a protective ditch around it. Nowadays it hosts museums and splendid halls decorated with artwork by Leonardo da Vinci and Bramante.

Tourism in Pavia gives you the opportunity to reach out of the urban center and consider visiting castles like the one of the Sforza family in Vigevano. It is perfectly preserved, featuring a lush Garden, the Loggia delle Dame and the International Footwear Museum, located at the first floor.

Do not miss the castles of Pavia that will surprise you. Amid them, the Belgioioso and the neoclassical-style gardens that surround it. This structure was restored in the Sixties and is a fascinating backdrop for cultural demonstrations and events.

Come visit the fortresses and castles of Pavia. Each one has a tale to tell.

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  • The Visconti Castle in Pavia is a typical example of Renaissance architecture with a square layout and corner towers, protected by a deep moat. Built by Galeazzo II Visconti between 1360 and 1365...

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