Castello visconteo pavia

Visconti Castle in Pavia

Visconti Castle in Pavia @pietro_sala_actor

The Visconti Castle in Pavia is a typical example of Renaissance architecture with a square layout and corner towers, protected by a deep moat. Built by Galeazzo II Visconti between 1360 and 1365 to serve as a private residence, it is currently home to the Civic Museums of Pavia. Every summer, the castle's elegant internal courtyard with arcades and vaulted ceilings hosts cultural events, including concerts and theatre performances. The following museums are located in the castle: the Risorgimento Museum, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Romanesque Museum, The Lapidary Roman and Pre-Roman Museum.

The left tower is referred to as "della Biblioteca" ("tower of the library") since it was once home to a library where Francesco Petrarca worked. The tower on the right, referred to as "delle Reliquie" ("tower of the relics ") , has a Ducal Chapel where the relics of saints were conserved, which had been presented as gifts to the Dukes by the nobles who were guests of the castle. In the past, the castle had two other towers: the tower called "degli specchi" ("tower of the  mirrors "), since the tower had mirrors used by ladies to check their appearance before being received by the Dukes, and the one called "la lunga dimora" ("long residence").

Inside the Visconti Castle you can admire the ducal apartments frescoed by Pisanello between 1439 and 1440, traces of frescoes from the 15th and 16th centuries and beautiful rooms decorated Leonardo Da Vinci and Bramante.

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