Gardens Pavia

Gardens Pavia, discovering Lombardy

Gardens Pavia, discovering Lombardy @Bruno Raffa

Gardens Pavia. Discover the most beautiful gardens in Lombardy with the information that we provide in the current section. Find a greener side of the province with numerous options to enjoy outdoors tourism. 

Pavia is a perfect destination to plan a memorable vacation by visiting gardens and parks. One that is definitely worth a visit is the Botanic Garden in the University of Pavia. It was originally founded in the XVIIth century and nowadays draws in several visitors who wish to approach this fascinating world thanks to its educational panels and guided tours to the Arboretum, which harbors a 55 meters high Planetree, its rose orchards and tropical flora.

Tourism in Pavia may take tourists to visiting gardens like the Negri Oasis, managed by the Lipu, it a natural area where birds such as the Red Woodpecker, the Wryneck and the Tawny Owl nest. Go on a night tour or engage children in the activities it offers with the purpose of providing a deeper look into biodiversity. Alternatively, you can go on a picnic or a relaxing walk along the Swamp and Great Trees Trails that can be found in Bosco Grande.

Gardens in Pavia are ideal places to sit back and relax in the open air. Treat yourselves with a soothing break in the gardens of Lombardy's cities and their surroundings.

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