Ponte Coperto Bridge

Ponte Coperto bridge, Monuments Pavia

Ponte Coperto bridge, Monuments Pavia @giancarlo31188photo

The ceaseless, silent flow of water goes to unknown destinations.

How many times have we all stood near a bridge to watch rivers, tangible symbols of time and life, run their course while it washes away any troubling thought from our heads and isolating the surrounding city noise?

You will find one in Pavia that flows along its streets and alleys just like veins that imbue the old Lombard capital with life.

The Ticino river brings fresh water from the Swiss Alps to the vast center of the Po Valley.

It represents one of the city's most notorious landmarks, plus it is the ideal place to watch its waters trace the urban landscape, comprising numerous towers and domes, the iconic Ponte Coperto Bridge.

It was restored based on the original XIVth Century designs after WWII bombardments damaged it.

Take a pleasant walk through this fascinating structure of distinct design, divides in five different arcades completely covered by a trussed roof.

This covered bridge is over 200 meters long, it will show you the eternal mysteries of the river, which grants viewers with a spectacle of purple and pink hues during sunset.

Pavia lies ahead, illuminated by dim streetlights, piercing the surrounding darkness. Have you ever seen such a romantic scenery?

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