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Museum Pavia, what to see?

Museum Pavia, what to see? Nadia

Museum in Pavia, what to see here? The city holds the premises of one of the oldest Italian universities and offers several cultural options for visitors to see.

Pavia counts with an engaging museum network inside the Visconti Castle, including the Archaeological Museum and the Longobard Hall where you can admire ancient artifacts, early Paleo Christian silver and late Roman Jewelry, while the Medieval, Reinassance and Reunification sections feature extensive collections.

Don't miss the Malaspina Picture Gallery with the works of XIXth Century masters like Appiani, Landi and Francesco Hayez. The Crypt of Sant' Eusebio is a rare example of lombard sculpture that strays from the art of its period. 

Head to the Academy Museum in Pavia and the awe-inspiring Botanic Garden, the Mineralogy, Natural History and Electrical Technology museums. The institute itself also has numerous attractions such as Alessandro Volta's Cabinet and halls named after notorious figures that taught there, Ugo Foscolo and Camillo Golgi are notable examples.

Religious art lovers should visit the Certosa and the Cathedral, two obligatory stops during their stay. The towns and villages in the province are worth visitng as well, specially Vigevano with its Duomo and Footwar Museum.

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