International footwear museum

International Footwear Museum

International Footwear Museum @originalitaly

The International Footwear Museum is tied to Vigevano's reputation as the "shoe capital of the world", thanks to the number of shoes produced here in the relative sales. Traces of the art of shoemaking have existed in Vigevano since the 14th century, a vocation that continued to grow over the years, making its way to international markets. In 1866 the Bocca brothers opened the city's first industrial shoe factory, while in 1901 Antonio Ferrari was the first in Italy to open a footwear machinery manufacturing business. Finally, in 1929, Vigevano became the first Italian city to produce rubber tennis shoes.

The International Museum of Footwear was founded in a place where shoemaking has been an important vocation for centuries. Since 2003 the museum has been housed inside the Sforza Castle, a location that offers plenty of space for exhibits, to showcase the unique and curious specimens preserved here. The purpose of the museum is to narrate the history and economy of Vigevano through its finest product and to show the international evolution of shoes that represent an object of design and fashion.

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