Theaters Pavia

Theaters Pavia, cultural vacations in Lombardy

Theaters Pavia, cultural vacations in Lombardy

Theaters Pavia. Follow us on a journey to see what the theaters in Lombardy have in store for ther public. Engaging tales, art and demonstrations, here you will find all the necessary information for visiting theaters in Pavia. 

For those who seek culture and entertainment, tourism in Pavia offers an interesting operatic season, taking place every year at the Fraschini Theater. It was designed in the Eighteenth century by Ferdinando Galli-Bibiena following Italian patterns, featuring a bell-shaped base and small boxes where viewers saw comedies, ballets and dramas. 

Visiting theaters in Pavia gets you to go out of the city and discover shows in the Province at important structures such as the Cagnoni in Vigevano. It was founded in the late Eighteen Hundreds with a masked gala by Giuseppe Verdi: nowadays it hosts prose performances and dance festivals.

Among some fascinating theaters in Lombardy, the Teatro Sociale of Voghera, in which Arturo Toscanini made his debut, theen there is the one in Stradella, built in a neoclassical style, inspired by Milan's La Scala.

Book for a seat and enjoy the show, tourism in Pavia will certainly provide with options to delight and astonish you.

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  • The Fraschini Theatre was given this name when it was acquired by the City of Pavia, in November 1869, when the Pavia tenor Gaetano Fraschini was still alive. Before it was renamed, the theatre was...

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