Boroughs Sondrio

Boroughs Sondrio, unveiling Lombardy

Boroughs Sondrio, unveiling Lombardy

Boroughs Sondrio. Let us assist you in planning an unforgettable trip through the unique boroughs of Lombardy! The helpful information you may find in this page will allow you to go sightseeing in the province.

Cultural tourism in Sondrio goes beyond large cities, reaching into smaller towns and inhabited centers where time seems to have stopped and traces of the past can still be found. The boroughs of Sondrio are undoubtedly full of charm. 

Consider visiting boroughs like Morbegno, with its narrow streets, an easy to get around downtown and historical buildings, Palazzo Malacrida and the Assumption Sanctuary amid them. Although it is peaceful for mostly all year long, it hosts culinary events such as the Bitto Festival, an essential initative for cheese enthusiasts.

Intimacy and few inhabitants are what distinguishes these boroughs in Lombardy. Pedesina, which has been awarded the title of Most Beautiful Borough in Italy. It stands at the feet of the Bergamasque Alps, surrounded by lush greenery and offers a splendid view of the valley. But that is not all: here you can buy typical delicacies.

Visiting boroughs in this Region is a one of a kind experience. Tourism in Sondrio means fine cuisine, genuine hospitality and opportunities to make you feel at home.

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