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With a population of just 33 inhabitants, comrprising 19 women and 14 men, Pedesina, in the province of Sondrio has been recently declared as the smallest village in Italy. This small corner of paradaise is located at the base of Pizzo Rotondo in the Bergamasque Alps is worth a visit.

Its houses, clinging to the steep slopes of the valley and immersed in the lush greenery of the forests make it look like a mountain Nativity scene. 

You can admire from the lower part of town the XVIIth century oratory of San Rocco and the Church of Santa Croce e Sant'Antonio, which hangs on the steep side of local houses and lawns.

It sits at a 1032 meters altitude and was once renowned by the weaving of pezzottos, typical carpets from the Valtellina, a handcrafted item made by using handmade scraps sewn together in a machine.

Another local product that is still made to this day is the Bitto, an exquisite mountain cheese that also is labelled by the Slow Food Presidium. 

How can you reach Pedesina? By getting into the steep switchbacks that start at Morbegno in the lower Valtellina, which go uphill to the villages of Sasso and Rasura, and going through the impressive Pic Gallery, a cave that seems to come out straight out of a fantasy film.

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