Village of morbegno

Village of Morbegno

Village of Morbegno Consorzio Valtellina Turismo

The village of Morbegno is intersected by narrow streets in the midst of a dense network of tall, century-old buildings. The streets through the town offer visitors countless glimpses of magical sites at every turn, certain to be the source of pleasant memories. Morbegno's charm is clearly on display in the old town, where its ancient history has left behind traces that can be seen by anyone that passes there.

Artistic treasures are hidden in this little town, such as majestic palaces with splendid rooms and façades decorated with wrought-iron balconies, all in the maze of Morbegno's narrow streets. One must-see site is Palazzo Malacrida, located in the upper part of the town. This stately mansion is a wonderful example of rococo-style architecture in Valtellina. Be sure to see the ballroom on the first floor and admire the frescoes that decorate the building's walls. In addition to its architectural beauty, Morbegno's historical centre also houses numerous historic wineries, evidence of the importance of local wine making.

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