Castles Sondrio

Castles in Sondrio, a guide to Lombardy

Castles in Sondrio, a guide to Lombardy @Valtellina Turismo

Castles Sondrio. Come with us, we will help you discover outstanding fortresses and castles in Lombardy. Find all the necessary information to plan your stay in the Region.

The area of the Valtellina is a popular destination for cultural tourism. Sondrio boasts fortified structures such as Castel Masegra, towering above the city. It was probably built in 1048 and became a Guelph stronghold in the XVth century. Nowadays it hosts a local history museum.

Castle Paribelli can be seen when approaching the town of Albosaggia, then there are the remains of a fortification on top of  Grumello, managed by the FAI, surrounded by terraced vineyards used to produce the zone's famous wines.

Consider visiting castles in the countryside, starting with the municipality of Montagna, in which the Mancapane stands, a curious name that has given birth to a couple legends. Lots of people remember the tales of food shortage during a long siege by the Catalani Family of Como.

These castles in Sondrio offer historical localities and well-preserved architecture that will take you into the past. Tourism in Sondrio will give you plenty of suprises by visiting castles scattered along the land.

Let yourselves be enthralled by the most fascinating castles in Lombardy.

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