Castel masegra

Castel Masegra

Castel Masegra

Masegra Castle is located on a rocky outcrop that watches over Sondrio from above, in a strategic location that has made it an important natural defence outpost since ancient times. Consequently, the castle was destroyed and reconstructed many times over the years. The castle's current appearance is the result of changes and stratifications made over the centuries, which have defined the architectural structure based on the function it served at the time.

The oldest structures most likely date back to 1048, while proof of its function as a Guelph stronghold has been attested to since the 15th century. It is known for certain that the property was subsequently passed on to the Beccaria family and subjected to a substantial revision, as evidenced by the date 1491 written on a small portal. It was then transferred to the Salis family losing its military function, which it regained once again when the Guicciardini family bequeathed the Masegra Castle to the State, which used the site for military purposes in the 19th century.

Today, Masegra Castle is home to the museum project entitled "Masegra Castle and the Salis Palaces: a cultural tour of the Rhaetian Alpine area" that develops in an exhibition in the beautiful castle.

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