Church Sondrio

Church Sondrio, what to see

Church Sondrio, what to see

Church Sondrio. What to see here? This alpine province boasts some of the most interesting worshipping sites in Lombardy. If you are seeking what to see in Sondrio, walk through the local streets towards the Collegiate Church of the Saints Gervasius and Protasius in Campello square. It is one of the oldest churches in the city and has been modified multiple times over the ages. The Torre Ligariana is attached to it, originally designed by baroque artist Pietro Ligario 1733.

The Church of San Rocco, the one of the Holy Heart, the Parish of the Beata Vergine del Rosario and the now deconsacrated Guardian Angel Church are just a few examples of monumental temples in Sondrio and the towns that surround it. 

Another church in Sondrio's neighboring town of Morbengo is dedicated to Saint Peter and well worth a visit. Its gates made out of Varenna marble, decorated interiors, frescoes and marbled altars are a treasure for the locals. 

Stop at the Santuario della Madonna in Tirano, built by architect Tommaso Rodari in the spot where the Virgin Mary was seen in 1534. The centerpiece of this structure that recalls this miracle is called in fact the Chapel of the Apparition. 

This church is highly appreciated due to its religious importance and the beauty of its architecture and interior furnishings. 

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  • The church stands at the crossroads between Italy and Switzerland, in the place where the Virgin appeared back in 1504. According to tradition, at dawn on 29 September 1504, the Virgin appeared to...

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