Gardens Sondrio

Gardens Sondrio, the alluring face of Lombardy

Gardens Sondrio, the alluring face of Lombardy

Gardens Sondrio. Looking for the most interesting gardens in Lombardy for your vacations? Find in the current section helpful information for visiting gardens in this singular province.

Take the chance to enjoy tourism in Sondrio with peaceful oases like the Rezia Alpine Botanic Garden in Bormio. You can walk among over 2.500 herbs and medicinal plant species: bushes native to humid prairies, trees that grow in snowy places, mugo and mountain pines can be admired with the assistance of useful guided tours.

The area of the Valtellina boast some of the best known gardens in Lombardy, including relevant natural reserves. Go to the Pyramids of Postalesio, famous for a series of particular geological formations and lush vegetation, then there is the Bordighi Forest, which spreads beyond 50 acres.

Do not miss the opportunity of visiting the Valtellinese Alps, a protected zone established in 1989. Nature rules the land untouched, populated by chamois, ibexes, eagles and owls.

Tourism in Sondrio allows you to spend pleasant days in this corner of the Region. The gardens of Sondrio are perfect for a soothing weekend.

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  • The Rezia Alpine Botanical Gardens , with a surface area of 14,410 square metres , is located north of Bormio , in the town of Rovinaccia near the Campello stream, on land donated by local...

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